Photo of Ericka Adams

Ericka Adams
Assistant Professor, Human Rights...
  • Crime and Deviance in Trinidad and...
  • Crime Control Strategies in...
  • Female Substance Abuse

Picture for anderson.1990

Leigh Anderson
Graduate student, Ph.D. level, The...
  • American Indian and U.S. systems...
  • Intergovernmental relations:...

Picture for Armenta.9999999

Amada Armenta
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(215) 898-9980
  • Interaction between local law and...

Picture for Barry.9999999

Anquinette Barry
Sociology Doctoral Student/Academic...
  • Criminology
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Juvenile Justice

Picture for brutus.0

Brittany Battle
Ph.D. Student at Rutgers University
  • conceptualizations of the family
  • construction and collateral...
  • welfare and child support

Picture for browning.90

Christopher R Browning
Professor of Sociology, The Ohio State...
  • Health
  • Children's Exposure to...
  • CJRC's Spatial Crime Research...

Photo of Rob Brunson

Rod Brunson
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Ph.D....
  • Communities & Violent Crime
  • Police-Community Relations
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Picture for bryant.74

Angela Bryant
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • organizational contexts of...
  • theoretical and substantive...
  • racial/ethnic, gender, and class...

Picture for loriburrington.1

Lori Burrington
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice...
  • Delinquency
  • Contextual effects on adolescent...
  • Health-risk behaviors

Photo of Ana Campos-Holland

Ana Campos-Holland
Assistant Professor of Sociology and...
(860) 439-2006
  • Law and society
  • Deviance, crime, drugs and society
  • Punishment and its consequences

Picture for brutus.0

Jeffrey Cancino
Associate Professor of Criminal...

Photo of Andrea Cann Chandrasekher

Andrea Cann Chandrasekher
Acting Professor of Law, UC Davis...
(530) 752-5350
  • Empirical law and economics,
  • Criminal law
  • Policing

Photo of Alice Cepeda

Alice Cepeda
Assistant Professor of Social Work at...
(213) 821-6464
  • Behavioral Health
  • Diversity/Cross Cultural Health

Picture for brutus.0

Darryl Chambers
Ph.D. Student at the University of...
  • Re-entry
  • Youth Crime
  • Inequality

Picture for Jorgechavez.1

Jorge Chávez
Associate Professor of Sociology at...
(419) 372-9520
  • child maltreatment and adult...
  • race/ethnicity differences in...
  • development and change in violence...

Picture for brutus.0

Elsa Chen
Associate Professor at Santa Clara...
(408) 551-7055
  • Criminal justice sentencing policy
  • Racial and ethnic disparities in...
  • Effects of mandatory minimum...

Picture for brutus.0

Johnna Christian
Associate Professor of Criminal...
(973) 353-3245
  • Mass Incarceration
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Families And Incarceration

Picture for brutus.0

Jennifer Cobbina
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(517) 353-9756
  • Recidivism among recently released...
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Gender and victimization among...

Photo of Nyron Crawford

Nyron Crawford
Assistant Professor of Political...
(215) 204-7796
  • Urban Politics
  • Identity Politics (Race, Gender,...
  • Social Policy

Picture for robertcrutchfield.1

Robert Crutchfield
Professor of Sociology at the...
(206) 543-9882
  • Labor Markets and Crime
  • Race, Ethnicity and the Criminal...

Picture for stephendemuth.1

Stephen Demuth
Associate Professor and Director of...
(419) 372-7260
  • Criminal Case Process Decision...
  • Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship,...

Picture for stephaniedipietro.1

Stephanie DiPietro
Assistant Professor of Criminology at...
(314) 516-5038
  • Immigration and Crime
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Criminological Theory

Picture for kevindrakulich.1

Kevin Drakulich
Associate Professor of Criminology and...
(617) 373-7427
  • Neighborhood Crime
  • Race and Racism, and Interpersonal...

Picture for waverlyduck.1

Waverly Duck
Associate Professor of Sociology at...
(412) 648-7566
  • Social Order of Neighborhoods and...
  • Urban Ethnography

Picture for robertduran.1

Robert Duran
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(865) 974-7029
  • Urban Ethnography
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality
  • Social Control, Gangs

Picture for johneason.1

John Eason
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • Urban Sociology
  • Sociology of Punishment
  • Social Control

Picture for amyfarrell.1

Amy Farrell
Associate Professor of Criminology and...
(617) 373-7439
  • Criminilization of Human...

Picture for aprilfernandes.1

April Fernandes
Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the...
  • Neighborhood Crime
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Incarceration

Picture for kenethiafuller.1

Kenethia Fuller
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(919) 530-5196
  • Psychological Theories of Criminal...
  • Criminal Justice Education

Picture for shaungabbidon.1

Shaun Gabbidon
Professor of Criminal Justice at Penn...
(717) 948-6054
  • Race and Crime
  • Public Opinion on Race, Crime,...
  • Security Administration

Picture for janetgarcia.1

Janet Garcia-Hallet
Ph.D. Candidate in Criminal Justice...
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Corrections
  • Communities And Crime

Picture for danielgascon.1

Daniel Luis Gascón
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(415) 422-4132

Picture for jacintagau.1

Jacinta Gau
Associate Professor Criminal Justice...
(407) 823-4131
  • Police-Community Relations
  • Procedural Justice and Police...
  • Race and Policing

Picture for brutus.0

Stacia Gilliard-Matthews
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • Politics Impact on Race, Gender,...
  • Police Behavior and Discretion

Picture for brutus.0

Robert Grantham
Assistant Professor of Criminal...

Picture for kishonnagray.1

Kishonna Gray
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(859) 622-8880
  • Marginalized Identities and New...

Picture for johnhagan.2

John Hagan
John D. MacArthur Professor of...
(847) 491-5688
  • Criminology and Delinquency
  • Law and Society
  • International Criminal Law

Picture for haynie.7

Dana L. Haynie
Director of the Criminal Justice...
(614) 247-7846
  • Crime, Deviance, & Social...
  • Gender, Race, & Class
  • Social Networks and Group Processes

Picture for dianakarafin.1

Diana Karafin
Assistant Director of Assessment and...
  • Racial discrimination in housing...
  • National patterns and consequences...
  • Quantitative methods

Picture for laurenkrivo.1

Lauren J. Krivo
Professor of Sociology, Rutgers...
  • Statistics and methods
  • Crime and community
  • Race and ethnicity in society

Picture for cathymcdanielswilson.1

Cathy McDaniels-Wilson
Director of Counseling and Health...
(614) 236-6114
  • attention deficit disorder
  • behavioral medicine
  • incest and rape

Picture for peterson.5

Ruth D. Peterson
Emerita Professor of Sociology and...
  • Criminal Justice Policies for...
  • Crime, Racial and Ethnic...

Picture for davidramey.1

David Ramey
Assistant Professor of Sociology and...
(814) 867-5864
  • Community & Urban
  • Health & Medical
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...

Picture for darlenespaoru.1

Darlene Saporu
Assistant Dean of Diversity, Office...

Picture for heatherschoenfeld.1

Heather Schoenfeld
Assistant Professor, Human Development...
(847) 467-2207
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Law and Society
  • Race and Inequality

Picture for mariavelez.1

María Vélez
Associate Professor of Sociology,...
  • Racial and Economic Inequality
  • Communities
  • Criminology

Picture for heatherwashington.1

Heather Washington
Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany,...
(518) 591-8737
  • Neighborhoods, Crime, and...
  • Race and Inequality
  • Family

Picture for jasonwhitesel.1

Jason Whitesel
Assistant Professor of Gender and...
  • Stigma Management
  • Norm Violation
  • Social Construction of Deviance

Picture for wilkinson.110

Deanna Wilkinson
Associate Professor in the Department...
  • urban youth violence
  • community processes
  • violence prevention

Photo of Valerie Wright

Valerie Wright
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Racial and Gender Inequities in...
  • Media and Crime