A Heartfelt Farewell from CJRC to RDCJN

RDCJN-Summer Research Institute: A Decade of Dedication, Empowerment and Diversity

Dr. Ruth Peterson

Over the past 10 years, the CJRC has hosted the Summer Research Institute and the Racial Democracy Criminal Justice Network.  This endeavor, led by Dr. Ruth Peterson (professor emeritus) and Dr. Laurie Krivo , has provided support, encouragement, resources and guidance to young scholars as they embark upon the challenges of their emerging careers.   The SRI has provided an opportunity for mentoring, professional networking and the opportunity to partake in challenging intellectual introspection as papers and projects were developed, refined and subsequently presented.

In 2003, the original proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation to fund workshops to set a national agenda for research on race/ethnicity, crime and criminal justice.  Established in 2006, the first Summer Research Institute was held at the Ohio State University.  The final session was completed on July 24, 2015.

The mission of the RDCJN and the SRI will now be passed to the very capable hands of  Dr. Jody Miller (Professor of Criminal Justice) and Dr. Rob K. Brunson (Professor of Criminal Justice) at the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice.   The location of the SRI will change but not its important mission.   It will continue to facilitate research geared towards improving our understanding of how race/ethnicity, crime and justice are interrelated as well as to enhance the academic success of junior faculty from underrepresented groups, and help assure that their perspectives on crime and justice reach relevant audiences.

As we bid farewell to the Summer Research Institute program, we are all thoughtful of the dramatic contributions that the RDCJN leadership has made in the lives of so many. We can reflect upon the friendships that were made, the knowledge, understanding and enlightenment that has occurred among and between all who have been involved and the impact the program has had on the lives of so many.

From all of us at the Criminal Justice Research Center, thank you allowing us to be a part of such an important, memorable and impactful endeavor.