Glenn McNair

Glenn McNair

Glenn McNair

Associate Professor of History at Kenyon College

Areas of Expertise

  • African American political and intellectual culture
  • Criminal Justice History
  • Slavery and Southern history
  • Civil Rights
  • Dynamics of American Identity Formation


  • B.S. Savannah State University
  • M.A. Georgia College
  • Ph.D. Emory University, 2001

M. Glenn M. McNair (Ph.D. Emory University, 2001) is Associate Professor of History at Kenyon College.

Professor McNair's research focuses on the relations between African Americans and the criminal justice system. He is the author of Criminal Injustice: Slaves and Free Blacks in Georgia’s Criminal Justice System (University of Virginia Press 2009). McNair is an investigator for the Historical Violence Database: A Collaborative Research Project on the History of Violent Crime and Violent Death which is maintained through CJRC.


Image taken from Dr. McNair's Kenyon College homepage.