Mei-Po Kwan

Professor of Geography at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Faculty Affiliates

Mei-Po Kwan (Ph.D. University of California-Santa Barbara, 1994) is Professor of Geography at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a  . She is a former Professor of Geography at OSU. Dr. Kwan's research addresses theoretical and substantive questions in urban, transportation, and economic geography through the application of GIS methods. Her work focuses mainly on the geographical and temporal characteristics of people's daily activities, and the impact of recent social, economic and political changes on their everyday lives as manifested through changes in the geographies of their daily activities. Kwan is an expert in GIS-based 3D geovisualization and geocomputation. With Susan Hanson, she is co-editor of Transport: Critical Essays in Human Geography (2008). She is currently the editor of the Annals of the Association of American Geographers (Methods, Models, and GIS Section). Kwan was a member of CJRC's Spatial Crime Research Working Group.

Areas of Expertise
  • Mobility
  • Urban/transport geography
  • Environmental health
  • GISci-based 3D geovisualization and geocomputation
  • Ph.D. University of California-Santa Barbara, 1994