2013 Participants

The 2013 Crime and Justice Summer Research Institute Cohort


The Participants:


Amada Armenta, Department of Sociology - University of Pennsyvlania
Project: On Patrol: Creating Criminal Aliens through Everyday Policing


Stephanie DiPietro, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice - University of Missouri-St. Louis
Project: Making it Home: Bosnian Refugees' Search for Community, Family and Identity



Kenethia Fuller, Department of Criminal Justice - North Carolina Central University
Project: Personality and Crime: A Quantitative Study of the Influence of the Five Factor Model on Offending 



Seokjin Jeong, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice - University of Texas-Arlington
Project: The Immediate and Long-Term Effects of Family Group Conferencing: A Pathway to Re-Offending



Carla Miller-Coates, Department of Criminal Justice - St. Leo's University
Project: Service Setting at Discharge and Source of Referrals as Predictors of Drug Treatment Success Among a National Sample of Black Women  



Temitope Oriola, Department of Sociology - University of Alberta
Project: "Non-lethal" Force Options in Canada: taser Adoptions by the Police and its Consequences  



Brian Starks, BCS and Associates - Lynchburg Tennessee
Project: Social Organizational Structure of the Bail System



Forrest Stuart, Department of Sociology - University of Chicago
Project: Policing Rock Bottom: Regulation, Rehabilitation and Resistance on Skid Row