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Extra-University Collaborators

  • The Ohio Consortium of Crime Science brings together social science researchers across Ohio into one resource to assist criminal justice agencies conduct research, disseminate knowledge, and foster relationships between practitioners, policy makers and academics.
  • The purpose of the Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network (RDCJN) is to collectively undertake research and related initiatives geared to exploring the implications of crime and justice processing for democratic participation.
  • The Crime and Justice Summer Research Institute (SRI) is designed to promote successful research projects and careers among faculty from underrepresented groups working in areas of crime and criminal justice.
  • The purpose of the Historical Violence Database (HVD) is to help scholars better understand violent deaths (homicides, suicides, accidents, casualties of war), serious assaults (attempted murders, sexual assaults, arsons, maimings, aggravated assaults), and contentious political action that leads to violence.
  • The Institute for Excellence in Justice  (IEJ) was a partnership between the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction and the Criminal Justice Research Center at The Ohio State University. CJRC continues a yearly seminar series addressing topics which are timely and relevant to criminal justice scholars and practitioners alike.