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Homicide in New York City

Eric H. Monkkonen

Eric Monkkonen was the author of a series of important studies of violent crime and violent death in New York City. He used multiple sources--indictments, coroner's inquests, newspapers, police reports, etc.--to study homicide from 1797-1999. He has donated his archives from the project to the Historical Violence Database project, which we hope to make available at a future date in digital form. The data are discussed and analyzed in Monkkonen (2001b).

Part 1: Annual Homicide Data for New York City, 1797-1999: data compiled from records of individual homicides, 1797-1873, and from published reports of homicides, 1874-1999.

Part 2: Individual Homicide Data for New York City, 1797-1874: data compiled from records of individual homicides.

Part 3: Annual Homicide Data for Comparison Sites: data compiled from published reports of homicides and from studies by other scholars.

The codebook is currently available in ADOBE ACROBAT. The data are described in the codebooks and in the studies from which the data are drawn. The data are currently available in SPSS data files. The data are in the form that Eric Monkkonen gathered and entered them.

Codebook for all three datasets


To access the following SPSS data files, contact Randy Roth or Douglas Eckberg

Alternatively, the files are directly available from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research -- ICPSR.


Part 1: nycann.sav 
Part 2: nycind.sav
Part 3: nyccomp.sav