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Come join us at the Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC). We offer many opportunities that may be of interest to those who study, research or practice the criminal justice sciences. By using our experienced and talented faculty and student affiliates, we are conducting, publishing and sponsoring world class research in the criminal justice and related arenas.

Monthly presentations on state of the art research and very timely contemporary topics are part of our efforts to connect with students, practitioners, community partners and other faculty. At any given point, we have a number of CJRC sponsored research projects, faculty research projects and interdisciplinary research projects underway. A comprehensive internship program connecting talented, high performing students with community practitioners is a special opportunity for us to connect with our various community partners. Take a look at our many activities and opportunities and see how you can get involved with the Criminal Justice Research Center at The Ohio State University.



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Associate Professor of Social Work

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Assistant Professor of Criminology at University of Missouri- St. Louis

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Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology, Pennsylvania State University

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Professor of Communication and Psychology, Margaret Hall and Robert Randal Rinehart Chair of Mass Communication