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Homicide in Los Angeles, 1830-2002

Eric Monkkonen

Eric Monkkonen was the author of many studies of urban crime and violence. Although his history of homicide in Los Angeles was not yet complete or vetted for errors when he passed away in 2005, he kindly shared his data so that other researchers can use them. The data are described in the codebook and in Monkkonen, Eric H. (2003) "Homicide in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago." Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology, 92: 101-14.

The codebook is available in pdf format. The data are described in the codebook and in the study from which the data are drawn. The annual and individual data are available in SPSS files (.sav) on request. Email Douglas Eckberg or Randy Roth.

Los Angeles homicide codebook [pdf format]: Los Angeles homicide codebook 1830-2002.pdf

Los Angeles annual known-homicide totals, 1830-2000 [Excel file]: Los Angeles annual homicide totals, 1830 to 2000.xlsx

Los Angeles known, individual-level homicide data [Excel files]:
(1) Los Angeles individual homicides, 1830-1974.xlsx

(2) Los Angeles individual homicides, 1975-1984.xlsx

(3) Los Angeles individual homicides, 1985-1993.xlsx

(4) Los Angeles individual homicides, 1994-2002.xlsx

Some links on this page are to Excel, Word, or PDF files. If you need these files in a more accessible format, please email the Criminal Justice Research Center.