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The CJRC Undergraduate Internship Program

About the Program:

Founded January 2012 
Information updated June 2018

As CJRC interns, students gain experience in crucial aspects of social science research, including working with primary and secondary data related to offenders/offenses, victimization, mental health, law enforcement and/or criminal justice processes. Students learn various techniques in qualitative and/or quantitative analysis. This is a great opportunity for OSU undergrads to gain valuable, documentable experience for graduate school and/or future careers.

Our interns:

  • Typically junior or senior-level students at OSU
  • Interns must have a minimim 3.0 cumulative GPA, with honors status preferred
  • Prior research experience is preferable but not always required
  • Interns must make a minimum one-semester commitment, with work hours varying
  • between 10-20 hours per week, depending on the project
  • Interns have the opportunity to earn academic credit (internship hours or research hours) if desired (must work 10 hours per week minimum to earn credits)
  • Interns must keep brief logs of hours worked and activities completed for the purposes of CJRC records, turned in at the end of each academic term

Progress in the internship program to date:

  • Since the internshipr programs inception and as of June 2018, 329 students have been placed. Our students have interned with: CJRC (Newsletter, CJRC Institute for Excellence in Justice seminar series, Historical Violence Database working with Historian Dr. Randolph Roth, and working with Dr. Dana Haynie on a Firearms research proposal), Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, Ohio Refromatory for Women, London correctionsal Institution, Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services, Ohio Public Defender,  Ohio State Patrol, Federal District Court, Franklin County Court, Franklin County Sheriff's Office, Franklin County Corornor's Office, Ohio Department of Homeland Security, Columbus Police Department, Federal Alcohol Tobacco Firearms (ATF) agency, Ohio Department of Youth Services, Dr. Creola Johnson (OSU Moritz College of Law), and others. 
  • Other placement sites are currently being established.
  • Advertising done through the OSU Undergraduate Research Office, classroom announcements, the Sociology/Criminology Undergraduate Advising Office, CJRC Newsletter and website, and Handshake (coming soon).
  • To date, CJRC has received approximately nearly 1000 inquiries from students via email or phone, and over 450 students have been interviewed.
  • Matched students’ majors include Sociology, Criminology, Economics, Actuarial Science, Math, Geography, Public Affairs, National Security Studies, International Studies, Political Science, History, English, Women’s Studies, Arabic, Spanish, French, Journalism, Social Work, Accounting, Forensics, Psychology, Pre-Law concentrations and others.  The CJRC has worked with studetns from over 25 different majors.
  • Matched students’ average cumulative GPA is 3.5, and most have plans to attend law school, graduate school, and/or to work in the criminal justice field.

For further information on the CJRC Undergraduate Internship Program, please contact Christopher Yanai, CJRC Internship Program Manager, at (614) 688-8685, or at:  Yanai.7@osu.edu