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Homicide in New Orleans, 1898-1913

The following image files are of the Reports on Homicides, 1898-1913, of the New Orleans Police Department. They were made from a microfilm copy of the Reports. The originals are at:

Louisiana Division / City Archives
New Orleans Public Library
219 Loyola Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

As noted on the website of the New Orleans Public Library, the Reports on Homicide are available in bound volumes, one for each year, for most years between 1893 and 1947 (cataloged under the call number TP205h). The individual reports "consist of a standard form and a detailed narrative report usually prepared by the investigating officer."

The goal of the Historical Violence Database is to make images files of all the Reports on Homicides and move the files to the website of the New Orleans Public Library. Once that is accomplished, the HVD will simply provide a link to the Library's website.

The images are available as Adobe Acrobat files (PDFs):

v. 1 - 1898 [pdf]
v. 2 - 1899 missing
v. 3 - 1900 missing
v. 4 - 1901 [pdf]
v. 5 - 1902 [pdf]
v. 6 - 1903 [pdf]
v. 7 - 1904 missing
v. 8 - 1905 [pdf]
v. 9 - 1906 [pdf]
v. 10 - 1907 [pdf]
v. 11 - 1908 not yet available
v. 12 - 1909 [pdf]
v. 13 - 1910 [pdf
v. 14 - 1911 [pdf]
v. 15 - 1912 not yet available
v. 16 - 1913 not yet available
Index of Accused 1910 [pdf]

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