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Violent Crimes and Violent Deaths in Australia and New Zealand 1788-1853

May 2010 version

The following files on early Australia and New Zealand were created by a retired citizen of the United Kingdom who has kindly donated his work to the HVD. The donor wishes to remain anonymous. As he explains, in his own words:

"I have been researching Violent and Unexpected or Unexplained Deaths as reflected in the newspapers of the time, official records such as Burial Registers or Parish papers, records of Coroner's Inquests, and any other papers which have come to hand. My focus was originally on the Severnside area of the UK, mainly Gloucestershire and Bristol but including parts of the surrounding counties, and my intention was to compare the Severn Estuary with the results for the Thames Estuary. However, since those days I have been traveling and I now have material relating to Sydney (NSW Australia), Hong Kong and Singapore, and almost any area where the English had a presence."

The donor is especially interested the death records of port cities.


The following files are in MS-WORD and PDF formats:

New South Wales Non-Homicidal Assaults, 1788 to 1851:  

New South Wales Non-homicidal assaults, 1788-1851.pdf

New South Wales Non-homicidal assaults 1850-59 revised 11-2009.doc


New South Wales Interpersonal Violence, 1810-1859



New Zealand Inquests, 1853:  New Zealand Inquests 1853.doc


Sydney, Australia Coroner’s Inquests, 1788-1853

Sydney Australia inquests 1788.pdf

Sydney Australia inquests 1789.pdf

Sydney Australia inquests 1852.pdf

Sydney Australia inquests 1853.pdf

Sydney Australia inquests 1853 revised 11-2009.doc