Criminal Justice Research Center Internships

The Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC) has established dynamic, hands-on internships which provide students the opportunity to gain experience in crucial aspects of social science research.  This includes working with primary and secondary data related to offenders/offenses, victimization, mental health, youthful offenders, reentry, law enforcement and/or criminal justice processes. Students learn various techniques in qualitative and quantitative analysis and the ways these are used to measure organizational and programmatic success, develop funding sources and impact public policy.  These internships are an outstanding opportunity for OSU undergraduates to gain valuable, practical experiences in preparation for graduate/professional school and future careers. The CJRC is firmly committed to finding students from diverse backgrounds who share a common passion for social science research and a dedication to academic excellence.  Once identified, the CJRC then works to pair the students with working professionals in agencies and organizations that are on the front line of addressing, measuring and managing our most difficult contemporary social problems.

Interns in the CJRC are typically junior or senior-level students with a minimum of a 3.5 cumulative GPA and have honors status.  In that the placements are research oriented, it is preferred that students have some prior research experience but this is not always required. The opportunity to earn academic credit is available. Due to the nature of the projects, most placements request a minimum of 10-15 hours per week.  Internship supervisors have indicated that some of the most successful students are those who are self-directed, highly motivated and have a passion for the work of the particular agency.

Potential internship announcements are made through the OSU Undergraduate Research Office, classroom announcements, the Sociology/Criminology Undergraduate Advising Office, CJRC Newsletter and the CJRC website.  Previously matched students’ majors include: Sociology, Criminology, Economics, Psychology, Actuarial Science, Math, Geography, Public Affairs, National Security Studies, International Studies, Political Science, History, English, Women’s Studies, Arabic, Spanish, French, Journalism, Social Work, and Pre-Law concentrations.

Internship Positions

The Spring 2017 positions and onward will be updated as soon as positions become available.

For further information on the CJRC Undergraduate Internship Program, please contact: (Christopher Yanai, Program Manager (614) 688-8685, Email: