John Gibbs

Professor of Developmental Psychology
Ohio State Faculty

John Gibbs (Ph.D. Harvard University, 1972) is Professor of Developmental Psychology. His research is in the areas of cross-cultural sociomoral development, parental socialization, empathy, prosocial behavior, and antisocial behavior. Along with numerous colleagues, he has developed assessment measures of moral judgment, social perspective-taking, self-serving cognitive distortions, and social skills. He has also developed a sociomoral treatment program, EQUIP, which has been converted into a prevention program for middle school students. In collaborative work, he is currently monitoring the impact of an EQUIP-based treatment program for adult felony offenders. His assessment measures and intervention programs have been widely used in the United States and in other countries around the world. He is the author of Moral Development and Reality: Beyond the Theories of Kohlberg and Hoffman, published by Sage (2003).

Areas of Expertise
  • parental socialization
  • empathy
  • prosocial behavior
  • antisocial behavior
  • cross-cultural sociomoral development
  • Ph.D. Harvard University, 1972