Lauren J. Krivo

Lauren J. Krivo

Lauren J. Krivo

Professor of Sociology, Rutgers University

26 Nichol Avenue
New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Areas of Expertise

  • Statistics and methods
  • Crime and community
  • Race and ethnicity in society
  • Urban sociology


  • Ph.D. University of Texas, 1984

Lauren J. Krivo (Ph.D. University of Texas, 1984) is Professor of Sociology at Rutgers University and the former Associate Director of the Criminal Justice Research Center at OSU.

Dr. Krivo's current research focuses on explaining race-ethnic differences in neighborhood crime, patterns and consequences of the spatial dynamics of race-ethnic and economic segregation, and the interrelationships among residential segregation, socioeconomic context, and crime. With Ruth Peterson, Dr. Krivo co-authored Divergent Social Worlds: Neighborhood Crime and the Racial-Spatial Divide (Russell Sage Foundation 2010). With Ruth D. Peterson and John Hagan, she is the co-editor of The Many Colors of Crime published by New York University Press (2006). She is also the co-organizer (with Ruth Peterson) of the Racial Democracy, Crime, and Justice-Network and its Crime and Justice Summer Research Institute: Broadening Perspectives and Participation. Krivo was also a member of CJRC's Spatial Crime Research Working Group.