Call for Faculty Seed Grant Proposals


RFP: Faculty Seed Grant Awards, 2019-2020 (Open Call)


The Criminal Justice Research Center (CJRC) invites proposals relating to research on issues of Crime and Criminal Justice. We will consider faculty research proposals for internal funds (up to $ 10,000) to support research that will result in grant applications to external funds.  This call will remain open, with no deadline until CJRC available funds are expired.  We welcome proposals relating to research on a wide range of topics, and from faculty from a variety of disciplines/schools.

The CJRC will award individual grants ranging up to $10,000 to support research related expenses excluding faculty buy-out time or summer salary support. Priority will be given to work that has strong potential to compete for external awards from agencies such as NIH, NSF, NIJ, or other entities which embody CJRC's fostering of research on crime/delinquency and justice issues. Grant recipients are required to give a portion of indirects (e.g. 10 to 20 percent) from future, external grants based on or related to CJRC seed grant-funded research. In addition all presentations or publications resulting from support should acknowledge the Criminal Justice Research Center at OSU.

All full-time (OSU) faculty whose appointments will continue to be active in the 2017-2018 academic year are eligible to submit an application.

To apply for the seed grant award, please go to our application and instructions in the right hand column of this page under:  Faculty Application.  

We expect all awardees to stay in touch with CJRC, providing updates regarding the progress of the project. This includes notifying us of any outcomes based on CJRC seed grant support, including presentations, publications, and larger grants applied for/awarded based on research funded initially by the CJRC seed grant.