Dr. Ryan King, Professor and Associate Director of the CJRC Interviewed in a Columbus Dispatch Article on the Opioid Crisis

December 20, 2018
Ryan King

Dr. Ryan King was recently interviewed for a Columbus Dispatch article written by Marty Schladen titled "Ohio's Issue 1 Diagnosed a Prison Problem, but Solution Complicated" that was published on December 3, 2018.  The article explains that "proponents of a criminal-justice reform measure that failed badly at the polls on Nov. 6 were much maligned, but they had a point.  Drug offenses are the leading type of crime for which people are sent to Ohio prisons most years. And the most-minor degrees of felonies, fourth and fifth degrees, have never comprised less than 40 percent of total prison commitments in the past 13 years, a Dispatch analysis of Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction data shows." 

However, an Ohio state criminologist said there are a number of complex reasons why so many are locked up. And reversing the trend is far from simple.  The first thing we have to ask is, "Is that a goal?’” said Ryan D. King, who has examined the causes of the growth in prison populations.  Dr. King then goes on to discuss crime statisitcs and trends that have impacted sentencing and the challenges associated with seeking solutions.

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