Identity in Formation: A Two Decade Retrospect featuring Dr. David Laitin

January 17, 2017
David Laitin

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Enarson Classroom Building 160

In 1998, Dr. David D. Laitin published the the book "Identity in Formation: the Russian Speaking Populations in the Near Abroad," which examined Russian-speaking populations who suddenly found themselves living outside of Russia’s borders due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union. He coined the term "beached diaspora" to describe these people, as they lived outside of Russia not because they had crossed an international border, but because the borders themselves had receded. In the 2017 CSEES Graduate Student Choice Lecture, Dr. Laitin will revisit the arguments he presented in his 1998 book and assess the current situation for Russian speakers living outside of the Russian Federation. Following Dr. Laitin's presentation, there will be time for questions and discussion.