Job Opening with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

June 18, 2015

Job Opening with the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections

Social Science Research Specialist Position with ODRC

Situation: In June 2015 the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction (DRC) will post to hire two senior researchers, one an evaluator and one for working with large data sets. DRC does not accept applications for positions either before or after the posting period.  Thus, we ask that any interested person supply his/her name and contact information to us as soon as possible.  At the appropriate time we will provide that person with an application and information about the selection process.

Position: Social Science Research Specialist (Senior Researcher)
  Bureau of Research & Evaluation, DRC (position in Columbus)

Salary: $50,861 per year to start, increasing to $53,385 after six months; there are scheduled increases to about $67,982 within 4 ½ years.  Most consider the benefits package to be very good.

General:  DRC has researchers on staff to answer questions that improve public policy and agency operation.  A researcher designs and conducts research projects throughout the Department, as either a lead researcher or team member on a research team, or alone.  Research assignments vary greatly in nature and scope.  Research activities include design of studies, collection and analysis of data, and preparation of oral or written reports, which may include recommendations for program/policy changes, if appropriate.  Assisting with formal program evaluations are a key aspect of this position.  Other projects generally assist the development of improved management practices and policies in the Department. 
Projects include exploratory and descriptive studies, operations evaluation, policy analysis, and policy/program development.  Research topics include: prisons, probation, alternatives to incarceration, reentry, parole, classification, risk, legislative analysis, projections, offender programs, & sentencing.  Researchers work with DRC committees and task forces, but this work is introduced gradually. 

Desired Qualities:
* Programming.  One researcher to be replaced works with our data warehouse & manages large datasets.  Use of a major statistical program (e.g., SPSS, SAS) is essential. Training & experience working with large electronic data sets would be very valuable. 
* An ability to analyze logically and to draw sound conclusions, demonstrated through successful prior applied research and, to some degree, a thorough training in research methods.  Formal training and/or experience in program evaluation is valuable, generally.  One vacancy is an evaluation specialist.
* The ability to effectively use moderately sophisticated statistics (e.g., correlation, regression, and significance testing).  Many projects require no advanced statistical work, but for others, significant statistical skills will be beneficial or essential. 
* Good communication skills, in writing, listening and speaking.  Researchers often work on committees and interact with many units in the department, helping shape research support.
* Significant knowledge of the criminal justice system, especially prisons/ community corrections.
State minimum requirements for the position include core courses for a Master’s degree in a relevant field, with several courses in research methods and statistics. Our preferred minimum is a Master’s.  It is very difficult to qualify for a Senior Researcher position without prior research experience.

If Interested: Those with questions about the position can contact Steve Van Dine by phone at (614) 752-1269 or by e-mail at  Please send us your name, address, e-mail address, and phone number.  When we are to post the position, we will send you the link to the state’s application and some application guidance.  By mail, please send your information to:

Steve Van Dine, Chief--Bureau of Research & Evaluation
Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction,  770 West Broad Street,    Columbus, OH  43222

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