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About the RDCJN

The Racial Democracy, Crime and Justice Network (RDCJN) is composed of approximately 150 scholars from across the United States (and beyond). Members are diverse along a number of dimensions, including race/ethnicity, gender, academic discipline, stage of career, and focus and type of research. Collectively, the group is engaged in activities geared to exploring the implications of crime, and justice processing, for citizens’ participation in a democracy. The research and democratic participation focus is informed by currents of history, cutting edge crime and justice research, unfolding world events, and the collective interests and capabilities of participants. With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Network undertakes three primary activities: (1) research and publications geared to improving understanding of how race/ethnicity, crime and justice are related; (2) an annual conference that provides a context for intellectual exchange regarding on-going research, and facilitates the development and carrying out of collaborative projects; and (3) a three-week Crime and Justice Summer Research Institute (SRI) that facilitates the academic success of junior faculty from underrepresented groups, and assures that their perspectives and approaches on crime and justice reach relevant audiences. Through these activities, the RDCJN makes progress in advancing the study of the intersections among democracy, crime, justice and actions of citizenship, and supporting junior scholars from underrepresented (and sometimes, well-represented) groups in pursuing career advancement.