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Racial Democracy, Crime & Justice Network

Racial Democracy, Crime & Justice Network

Welcome to the Racial Democracy Crime and Justice Network (RDCJN). Founded in 2003 and named in 2005, throughout its existence, the activities of the Network have been supported by the National Science Foundation’s Sociology and Law and Social Sciences programs. As well, from its inception the RDCJN has been housed at the Criminal Justice Research Center at Ohio State University. Informed by currents of history, cutting-edge crime and justice research, unfolding world events, and the collective interests and capabilities of participants, the general purpose of the Network is to collectively undertake research and related initiatives geared to exploring the implications of crime and justice processing for citizens' participation in a democracy. Our specific objectives are to: (1) advance the study of the intersections among democracy, crime and justice, and actions of citizenship; and (2) support junior scholars from underrepresented groups in pursuing career advancement.

To date, the Network consists of approximately 140 scholars (faculty and graduate students) of diverse backgrounds. Through hard work and sustained commitment to the above goals, the RDCJN has helped generate successful outcomes for individuals (e.g., publications, academic promotions) and the field (e.g., collaborative research, published articles and volumes).

Summer Research Institute

The RDCJN works with the Center's Summer Research Institute Project. Faculty pursuing tenure and career success in research intensive institutions, academics transitioning from teaching to research institutions, and faculty members carrying out research in teaching contexts will be interested in this Summer Research Institute.