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Mark S. Davis and Valerie J. Callanan


Suicide in an American Community


Mark S. Davis (CJRC)
Valerie J. Callanan (Department of Sociology, The University of Akron)


Institute for the Study and Prevention of Violence, Kent State University


This study consists of an in-depth analysis of the 621 suicides that occurred in Summit County, Ohio from 1997-2006. Data were derived from medical examiner's records including investigation reports, autopsy results, toxicological screens and suicide notes, as well as from newspaper articles. These data will be supplemented with census data. Specific aspects of suicide to be examined include the involvement of alcohol and other drugs, methods of suicide, physical and mental health, legal entanglements and relationship problems.


Davis M and Callanan V. "Gender and Suicide Method: Do Women Avoid Facial Disfiguration?" Sex Roles: A Journal of Research. (Available online as of August 27, 2011).

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