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Faculty Research

“Effects of State-Level Policy Implementation on Opiate Abuse and Mortality” 

Investigator: Mike Vuolo
This research study will use causal statistical methods and a robust policy database to examine the impact of relevant policies on opiate use, dependence, and fatal overdose from 1999 to the present. Project Abstract Continued.

“Criminal Record Questions on Job Applications as a Self-Selection Mechanism for Applying for Employment”

Investigator: Mike Vuolo
This project directly addresses ongoing public policy debates regarding how best to provide individuals with criminal records a fair assessment in the job application process so that they can experience the benefits of the important social bond of employment, best epitomized by the Ban the Box movement (which seeks to eliminate criminal record questions from applications). By moving the discussion from decisions of employers to applicants, these results may fundamentally change the way we think about and evaluate these policies. Project Abstract Continued. 

"Sober Turning Points in an 'Imprisoned Community': Reentry, Desistance and Faith at the DOPE Ministries"

Investigator: Dr. Townsand Price-Spratlen
This project will complete an interdisciplinary exploration of these and other related questions, it will analyze the relationships between reentry, desistance, sobriety, and faith by conducting a multilevel case study of the DOPE (Drugs Out, Possibilities Endless) Ministries (pseudonym) and its affiliates. Project Abstract continued.

"Unraveling Relations Among Employment, Drug Use, and Crime with a Weekly Calendar"

Investigator: Dr. Paul Bellair
The objective of this project is to collect data to study the independent and joint influences of high quality employment experiences (full time versus part-time, emotional attachment, higher income, occupation) and neighborhood disadvantage (poverty, unemployment, presence of drug selling/open air drug markets) on usage of a variety of hard drugs and criminal involvement in a high-risk sample (probationers or prisoners). Project Abstract continued.

"Interpersonal Process Associated with Victim Recantation"

Investigator: Amy Bonomi
Our study used live telephone conversations between domestic violence perpetrators and victims to answer novel questions about how and why victims arrive at their decision to recant and/or refuse prosecution efforts. Project Abstract continued.

"Exploring the Antecedents and Consequences of Narcissism within Add Health"

Investigators: Mark S. Davis and Amy B. Brunell
Narcissism as a personality trait has been shown to be related to maladaptive social outcomes including aggression and violence. Project Abstract continued.

"Suicide in an American Community"

Investigators: Mark S. Davis and Valerie J. Callanan
This study consists of an in-depth analysis of the 621 suicides that occurred in Summit County, Ohio from 1997-2006. Project Abstract continued.

"The Dynamic Effect of Friendship Networks on Adolescent Risky Sexual Behavior "

Investigators: Dana Haynie, Kristie Williams, Brian Soller, Nate Doogan and Christopher Keenan
Reducing risky sexual behavior (RSB) among adolescents is a national priority and understanding the social context in which adolescents make decisions about sexual behavior is critical to designing effective interventions. Project Abstract continued.

"Understanding Crime and Community: A National Neighborhood Crime Study"

Investigators: Lauren J. Krivo and Ruth D. Peterson
The NNCS assembled crime data for neighborhoods in 91 cities with populations over 100,000. These crime data are combined with sociodemographic data for cities/metropolitan areas and tracts from census and other published sources to construct a contextual data set of neighborhood characteristics with city/metropolitan variables appended to each neighborhood unit. Project Abstract continued.