2006 Participants


Rodney Brunson, Rutgers University-Newark, School of Criminal Justice -- "Young Black Men and Urban Policing:The Impact of Accumulated Adverse Experience."

Johnna Christian, Rutgers University-Newark, School of Criminal Justice -- "Incarceration and Neighborhood Life."

Martha Henderson Hurley, Texas A&M University Commerce, Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice -- "The Desistance Process for Female Inmates: Examining Variation Across Racial and Ethnic Groups."

T. Lorraine Latimore,East Central University, Department of Sociology  -- "General Strain: Examining the Amounts and Types of Strain that Contribute to Crime for African Americans Relative to Whites."

Keesha M. Middlemass, Trinity University, Department of Political Science -- "Once Sentenced, Twice Punished: The Collateral Consequences of a Felony Conviction and the creation of Marginalized Citizens."

Edwardo Portillos, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, Department of Sociology -- "Race-ing to Control Space: Police and Community Relations in a Latino/a Barrio."

Assata-Nicole Richards, Sankofa Research Institute, Houston, Texas -- "Prison Turmoil?: Trends and Explanations of Collective Unrest, 1984-1995."

Carmen Solis, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Department of Criminal Justice -- "The Impact of Community Policing in New York City's Puerto Rican and Dominican Community."