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2007 Participants

Robert Durán, University of Tennesee- Knoxville, Department of Sociology -- "The Core Ideals of the Mexican American Gang: Living the Presentation of Defiance"

Robert Grantham, Bridgewater State University, Department of Criminal Justice -- "Urban Crime (1990’s): Examination of Institutional and Social Disorganizational Effects"

Angela Bryant, The Ohio State University Newark, Department of Sociology -- "Constructing Competence to Stand Trial in Juvenile Court: The Effects of Ethnicity, Gender, and Class for Future Case Processing Decisions"

Gale Iles, The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Department of Criminal Justice -- "America’s Forgotten Paradise: An Assessment of Sentencing Decisions and Outcomes in the United States and Virgin Islands"

Lorraine Latimore, East Central University, Department of Sociology -- "Assessing the Generality of Self Control Theory: A Comparison of African Americans and Whites"

Toya Like, University of Missouri-Kansas City, Women's & Gender Studies -- "An Examination of the Relationship between Racial/Ethnic Inequality and Non-Fatal Violent Victimization"

Anthony Peguero, Virginia Tech University, Department of Sociology -- "Broken School Windows: Physical Disorder, Student Routines and School Violence"

Ann Marie Popp, Duquesne University, Department of Sociology -- "Predictors of Criminal Victimization of Middle and High School Students: An Opportunity Theory Analysis"