2010 Participants


Jorge Chávez, Bowling Green State University, Department of Sociology -- "Immigration, Social Capital, and Violence"

John Eason, Texas A & M University, Department of Sociology -- "Prison Proliferation and Rural Disadvantage"

David Hernández, Mount Holyoke College, Department of Spanish, Latino/a, Latin American Studies -- "Subcontractors and Surrogates: De-Federalizing U.S. Immigrant Detention"

Andrea Leverentz, UMass Boston, Department of Sociology -- "“Money, Drugs, Guns, and Who They Have a Beef With” – How Local Communities Frame Crime and Prisoner Reentry"

Amy Poland, St. Joseph's College, Department of Criminal Justice -- "Got Training? Evaluation of a Training Program for Direct Care Workers in a Residential Treatment Facility"

Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Texas Tech University, College of Human Sciences -- "Trajectories and Etiology of Underage Drinking and Risky Health Behaviors: A Multidisciplinary-Multisite Study of College Freshman"

María Vélez, University of New Mexico, Department of Sociology -- "Assessing the Directionality of Residential Bank Loans and Crime: An Analysis of Seattle Neighborhoods (1981-2000)"

Claudio Vera Sánchez, San José State University, Department of Justice Studies -- "Sacrificed upon the Altar of Public Safety: The Overpolicing of Latino and African American Youth"