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2011 Participants

Ericka Adams, North Central College, Department of Sociology and Anthropology -- "'We are like prey': Self-imposed Ecological Imprisonment and Gendered Responses to Violence"

Robert Durán, University of Tennessee, Department of Sociology-- "Gang Life in Two Cities: An Insider's Journey to Understand the Social World of Gangs"

Marie-Claude Jipguep-Akhtar, Howard University, HIV/AIDS Consortium -- "Coercive Mobility and HIV-related Sexual Risk Behaviors in Young Black Adult Males"

Dior Konate, South Carolina State University, Department of Social Sciences -- "From the Firing Squad to the Guillotine: Crimes, Capital Punishment, and Executions in Colonial Senegal, 1890-1960"

Cid Martinez, University of San Diego, Department of Sociology -- "Managed Violence: Community Institutions and the Peace of the Inner City"

Michael Tapia, New Mexico State University, Criminal Justice Department -- "The Emergence of Latino Street Gangs in the Midwest: Migration or Emulation?"

María Vélez, University of New Mexico, Department of Sociology -- "City Contexts of Incorporation and the Immigration-Neighborhood Homicide Connection: A National Study of Neighborhoods"

Jason Whitesel, Pace University in New York, Women and Gender Studies -- "Girth and Mirth: Gay Men at Play with Fat Stigma"

Haifeng (Charlie) Zhang, University of Louisville, Department of Geography and Geosciences -- "Neighborhood Correlates of Robbery Victimization: Using Spatial Measurement and Race-Disaggregated Crime Data"