2012 Participants


Lori Burrington, Oakland University, Department of Sociology, Anthropology, Social Work and Criminal Justice -- "'Nobody's Push-Around': Neighborhood Affluence, Relative Status, and Violence among the Children of Immigrants"

Waverly Duck, University of Pittsburgh, Department of Sociology -- "The Drug Dealer: The Orderliness of a Drug Dealing Scene "

Kishonna Gray, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Comparative Media Studies -- "'It has nothing to do with race cuz they're illegal': Exploring the Intersections of Colorblind Racism and Immigration in Online News Forums"

Mia Ortiz, Bridgewater State University, Department of Criminal Justice -- "Predictors of Release on Recognizance Among Misdemeanants"

Anthony Hatch, Wesleyan University, Department of Science in Society -- "Silent Cells: Psychotropics and Intersections of Race, Gender and Citizenship in U.S. Prisons "

LaDonna Long, Roosevelt University, Department of Criminal Justice -- "Qualitative Analysis of African-American Women's Experiences with Multiple Victimization"

Patrisia Macías-Rojas, University of Illinois-Chicago, Department of Sociology -- "Boundary Making in the Frontier: Criminal Status and the Remaking of Citizenship on the U.S.-Mexico Border"

Henrika McCoy, University of Illinois-Chicago, Jane Addams College of Social Work -- "Improving the Detection of Mental Health Needs for Juvenile Offenders"