2014 Participants

Luis Daniel Gascón, University of San Francisco, Department of Sociology -- "Making and Marking Race with the L.A.P.D."

Lallen Johnson-Hart, Drexel University, Criminology in the Department of Culture and Communication -- "Drug Markets, Travel Distance, and Violence: Testing a Typology"

Patrick Lopez-Aguado, Santa Clara University, Department of Sociology -- "Criminalized Affiliations and Carceral Spillover: Tracing the Relationship between Prison and Neighborhood"

Reuben Miller, Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study -- "'You're in a room full of addicts!': Race, Responsibility, and the Transformation of the 'New' Urban Poor"

Evelyn Patterson, Vanderbilt University, Department of Sociology -- "Strategies to Zero Prison Population Growth"

Nicole Gonzalez Van Cleve, Temple University, Department of Criminal Justice -- "Code of Courts: Racialized Justice in a Colorblind Era"

Michael Walker, University of Nebraska-Omaha, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice -- "Race Relations in a County Jail System"

Photo of Valerie Wright

Valerie Wright, Cleveland State University, Department of Sociology and Criminology -- "Pushers: The Effect of Incarceration in Earnings from Drug Trafficking"