Picture for ackerman.37

William Ackerman
Associate Professor of Geography, The...
  • economic development
  • land use
  • small town revitalization

Photo of Ericka Adams

Ericka Adams
Assistant Professor, Human Rights...
  • Crime and Deviance in Trinidad and...
  • Crime Control Strategies in...
  • Female Substance Abuse

Picture for alexander.2

Rudolph Alexander, Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Social Work
  • Deviance
  • Psychopathology
  • Mental Health

Picture for anderson.1990

Leigh Anderson
Graduate student, Ph.D. level, The...
  • American Indian and U.S. systems...
  • Intergovernmental relations:...

Picture for appiah.2

Osei Appiah
Associate Professor of Communication
  • Media effects on ethnic minorities

Picture for Armenta.9999999

Amada Armenta
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(215) 898-9980
  • Interaction between local law and...

Picture for bailes.9

Ashley Bailes
Law student, Moritz College of Law

Picture for Barry.9999999

Anquinette Barry
Sociology Doctoral Student/Academic...
  • Criminology
  • Race/Ethnicity
  • Juvenile Justice

Picture for brutus.0

Brittany Battle
Ph.D. Student at Rutgers University
  • conceptualizations of the family
  • construction and collateral...
  • welfare and child support

Picture for begun.5

Audrey Begun
Associate Professor of Social Work,...

Picture for bellair.1

Paul E Bellair
Professor of Sociology, The Ohio State...
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...

Picture for benson.150

Krista Benson
Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Women’s...

Picture for berman.43

Douglas A Berman
Robert J. Watkins/Procter & Gamble...
  • Criminal Law
  • Death Penalty
  • Sentencing

Picture for eileenbjornstrom.1

Eileen Bjornstrom
Assistant Professor, University of...
  • Health-Crime Linkages
  • Social Demography
  • Urban Sociology

Picture for boch.10

Samantha Boch
M.S./Ph.D. Student in Nursing

Picture for amybonomi.1

Amy Bonomi
Professor and Chair of Human...
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence

Picture for sarabradley.1

Sara Bradley
Assistant Professor of Sociology,...


Beckett Broh
Director of Diversity and Community...

Picture for danicebrown.1

Danice Brown
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Mentoring to students in...

Picture for browning.90

Christopher R Browning
Professor of Sociology, The Ohio State...
  • Health
  • Children's Exposure to...
  • CJRC's Spatial Crime Research...

Photo of Rob Brunson

Rod Brunson
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, Ph.D....
  • Communities & Violent Crime
  • Police-Community Relations
  • Qualitative Research Methods

Picture for brutus.0

Derrick Bryan
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...

Picture for bryant.74

Angela Bryant
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • organizational contexts of...
  • theoretical and substantive...
  • racial/ethnic, gender, and class...

Picture for loriburrington.1

Lori Burrington
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice...
  • Delinquency
  • Contextual effects on adolescent...
  • Health-risk behaviors

Picture for bushman.20

Brad Bushman
Professor of Communication and...
  • Causes, consequences, and...

Picture for reginalbyron.1

Reginald Byron
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Gender
  • Age Stratification
  • Employment Inequality

Picture for calder.13

Catherine Calder
Associate Professor of Statistics
  • CJRC's Spatial Crime Research...

Photo of Ana Campos-Holland

Ana Campos-Holland
Assistant Professor of Sociology and...
(860) 439-2006
  • Law and society
  • Deviance, crime, drugs and society
  • Punishment and its consequences

Picture for brutus.0

Jeffrey Cancino
Associate Professor of Criminal...

Photo of Andrea Cann Chandrasekher

Andrea Cann Chandrasekher
Acting Professor of Law, UC Davis...
(530) 752-5350
  • Empirical law and economics,
  • Criminal law
  • Policing

Picture for carotta.1

Christin Carotta
Postdoctoral Fellow at Michigan State...

Picture for cartledge.1

Gwendolyn Cartledge
Professor of Physical Activities and...
  • Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
  • Mild/Moderate Disabilities

Photo of Alice Cepeda

Alice Cepeda
Assistant Professor of Social Work at...
(213) 821-6464
  • Behavioral Health
  • Diversity/Cross Cultural Health

Picture for brutus.0

Darryl Chambers
Ph.D. Student at the University of...
  • Re-entry
  • Youth Crime
  • Inequality

Picture for Jorgechavez.1

Jorge Chávez
Associate Professor of Sociology at...
(419) 372-9520
  • child maltreatment and adult...
  • race/ethnicity differences in...
  • development and change in violence...

Picture for brutus.0

Elsa Chen
Associate Professor at Santa Clara...
(408) 551-7055
  • Criminal justice sentencing policy
  • Racial and ethnic disparities in...
  • Effects of mandatory minimum...

Picture for brutus.0

Johnna Christian
Associate Professor of Criminal...
(973) 353-3245
  • Mass Incarceration
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Families And Incarceration

Picture for christian.102

Kwame Christian
Legal Analyst at the Kirwan Institute...
  • Structural Inequality
  • Policy-Oriented Research
  • Health Disparities

Picture for brutus.0

Jennifer Cobbina
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(517) 353-9756
  • Recidivism among recently released...
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Gender and victimization among...

Picture for coleman.373

Mathew Coleman
Associate Professor of Geography

Photo of Nyron Crawford

Nyron Crawford
Assistant Professor of Political...
(215) 204-7796
  • Urban Politics
  • Identity Politics (Race, Gender,...
  • Social Policy

Picture for robertcrutchfield.1

Robert Crutchfield
Professor of Sociology at the...
(206) 543-9882
  • Labor Markets and Crime
  • Race, Ethnicity and the Criminal...

Picture for Mengyandai.1

Mengyan Dai
Assistant Professor at Old Dominion...
(757) 683-5327
  • Policing

Picture for brutus.0

William Darnieder
Researcher, JP Morgan CHASE

Picture for davies.49

Sharon Davies
Director of the Kirwan Institute for...
  • Director of the Kirwan Institute...
  • Criminal Law and Procedure

Picture for davis.198

Mark S. Davis
Research Scientist at the Criminal...
  • Criminal Justice Policy
  • Criminological Theory
  • Personality and Crime

Picture for demarco.71

Laura De Marco
Graduate Student in Sociology, Ph.D....

Picture for walterdekeseredy.1

Walter DeKeseredy
Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of...
(304) 293-8846
  • woman abuse
  • crime in public housing
  • criminological theory

Picture for stephendemuth.1

Stephen Demuth
Associate Professor and Director of...
(419) 372-7260
  • Criminal Case Process Decision...
  • Race, Ethnicity, Citizenship,...

Picture for stephaniedipietro.1

Stephanie DiPietro
Assistant Professor of Criminology at...
(314) 516-5038
  • Immigration and Crime
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Criminological Theory

Picture for donnermeyer.1

Joseph F. Donnermeyer
Professor of Rural Sociology
  • Rural Sociology & Leadership

Picture for doogan.1

Nathan Doogan
Post-doctoral fellow in Public Health...
  • Social Justice
  • Social Networks
  • Statistical Methodology

Picture for kevindrakulich.1

Kevin Drakulich
Associate Professor of Criminology and...
(617) 373-7427
  • Neighborhood Crime
  • Race and Racism, and Interpersonal...

Picture for dressler.11

Joshua Dressler
Frank R. Strong Chair of Law,...
  • Death Penalty
  • Searches and Seizures
  • Sentencing

Picture for waverlyduck.1

Waverly Duck
Associate Professor of Sociology at...
(412) 648-7566
  • Social Order of Neighborhoods and...
  • Urban Ethnography

Picture for robertduran.1

Robert Duran
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(865) 974-7029
  • Urban Ethnography
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality
  • Social Control, Gangs

Picture for racheldurso.1

Rachel Durso
Assistant Professor of Sociology and...
  • Comparative & Historical
  • Gender, Race & Class
  • Political Sociology

Picture for johneason.1

John Eason
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • Urban Sociology
  • Sociology of Punishment
  • Social Control

Picture for englehart.35

Michael Englehart
Graduate Student in Sociology, M.A....

Picture for errante.1

Antoinette Errante
Associate Professor of Cultural...
  • history of education
  • comparative education
  • community violence

Picture for amyfarrell.1

Amy Farrell
Associate Professor of Criminology and...
(617) 373-7439
  • Criminilization of Human...

Picture for federle.1

Katherine H. Federle
Professor of Law
  • child abuse and neglect
  • child custody, support, and...
  • juvenile law

Picture for sethfeinberg.1

Seth Feinberg
Associate Professor of Sociology at...

Picture for aprilfernandes.1

April Fernandes
Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the...
  • Neighborhood Crime
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Incarceration

Picture for flower-smith.1

Debbie Flower-Smith
Administrative Associate, Criminal...

Picture for fraga.5

Alex Fraga
Graduate Student in Sociology, M.A....

Picture for freeman.259

Kevin Freeman
Program Manager, Arts and Sciences...

Picture for kenethiafuller.1

Kenethia Fuller
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(919) 530-5196
  • Psychological Theories of Criminal...
  • Criminal Justice Education

Picture for shaungabbidon.1

Shaun Gabbidon
Professor of Criminal Justice at Penn...
(717) 948-6054
  • Race and Crime
  • Public Opinion on Race, Crime,...
  • Security Administration

Picture for janetgarcia.1

Janet Garcia-Hallet
Ph.D. Candidate in Criminal Justice...
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Corrections
  • Communities And Crime

Picture for danielgascon.1

Daniel Luis Gascón
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
(415) 422-4132

Picture for jacintagau.1

Jacinta Gau
Associate Professor Criminal Justice...
(407) 823-4131
  • Police-Community Relations
  • Procedural Justice and Police...
  • Race and Policing

Picture for gavazzi.1

Stephen Gavazzi
Dean & Director, OSU Mansfield

Picture for gertz.16

Evelyn Gertz
Graduate Student in Sociology, M.A....

Picture for gibbs.1

John Gibbs
Professor of Developmental Psychology
  • parental socialization
  • empathy
  • prosocial behavior

Picture for brutus.0

Stacia Gilliard-Matthews
Assistant Professor of Sociology at...
  • Politics Impact on Race, Gender,...
  • Police Behavior and Discretion

Picture for rachaelgossett.1

Rachael Gossett
Assistant Professor of Criminal...

Picture for andrewgrantthomas.1

Andrew Grant-Thomas
Director of Programs at Proetus Fund,...
  • Immigrant-African American...
  • Nature of Structural Racism
  • Policy-Oriented Research

Picture for brutus.0

Robert Grantham
Assistant Professor of Criminal...

Picture for kishonnagray.1

Kishonna Gray
Assistant Professor of Criminal...
(859) 622-8880
  • Marginalized Identities and New...

Picture for greenbaum.3

Robert Greenbaum
Associate Professor of Public Affairs...

Picture for gregoire.5

Thomas Gregoire
Associate Professor and Dean of the...

Picture for johnhagan.2

John Hagan
John D. MacArthur Professor of...
(847) 491-5688
  • Criminology and Delinquency
  • Law and Society
  • International Criminal Law

Picture for timothyhawthorne.1

Timothy Hawthorne
Assistant Professor of Geosciences,...

Picture for haynie.7

Dana L. Haynie
Director of the Criminal Justice...
(614) 247-7846
  • Crime, Deviance, & Social...
  • Gender, Race, & Class
  • Social Networks and Group Processes

Picture for christopherhuggins.1

Christopher Huggins
Lecturer in Sociology, University of...

Picture for donaldhutcherson.1

Donald Hutcherson
Assistant Professor, Sociology and...

Picture for aubreyjackson.1

Aubrey Jackson
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Law
  • Social Control
  • Crime

Picture for jacobs.184

David Jacobs
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
  • Political
  • Crime, Deviance, and Social Control
  • Work, Economy, and Organizations

Picture for xinjiang.1

Xin Jiang
Assistant Professor of Department of...
  • Racial and Ethnic Inequality
  • Immigration and Assimilation
  • Crime and Delinquency

Picture for johnson.1904

Creola Johnson
Professor of Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Predatory Lending
  • Payday Loans

Picture for johnson.5363

Royel Johnson
Policy Analyst, Center for Higher...

Picture for dianakarafin.1

Diana Karafin
Assistant Director of Assessment and...
  • Racial discrimination in housing...
  • National patterns and consequences...
  • Quantitative methods

Picture for robertkaufman.1

Robert Kaufman
Professor of Sociology and the Chair...
  • Race/ethnic differences in wealth
  • Race-ethnic and gender inequality...
  • Social stratification

Picture for keenan.56

Chris Keenan
Research Analyst, Wisconsin Department...
  • Corrections and Penology
  • Work and Organizations
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...

Picture for kennedy.312

Amanda Kennedy
Community Engagement Manager at OSU...

Picture for stephaniekent.1

Stephanie L. Kent
Associate Professor of Criminology,...
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Control
  • Crime

Picture for king.2065

Ryan King
Professor of Sociology
  • Crime and Deviance
  • Sociology of Law
  • Inter-group conflict

Picture for klochko.1

Marianna Klochko
Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Rational Choice
  • Criminology
  • Economic Sociology

Picture for kowalski.46

Brian Kowalski
Lecturer at OSU and Researcher at...
  • Social Control
  • Deviance
  • Crime

Picture for laurenkrivo.1

Lauren J. Krivo
Professor of Sociology, Rutgers...
  • Statistics and methods
  • Crime and community
  • Race and ethnicity in society

Picture for daniellekuhl.1

Danielle C. Kuhl
Associate Professor, Bowling Green...
  • Crime
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Substance Abuse

Picture for meipokwan.1

Mei-Po Kwan
Professor of Geography at University...
  • Mobility
  • Urban/transport geography
  • Environmental health

Picture for laplant.7

Eric LaPlant
Graduate Student in Sociology, M.A....

Picture for brutus.0

Jae Yong Lee
Research Scientist, Korean Research...

Picture for logan.155

Trevon Logan
Associate Professor of Economics
  • Applied Econometrics
  • Applied Demography
  • Development Economics

Picture for davidmaimon.1

David Maimon
Assistant Professor, Criminology and...
  • Experimental Criminology
  • Neighborhood Effects
  • Juvenile Deliquency

Picture for malave.6

Jenny Malave
Graduate Student in Sociology, Ph.D....

Picture for malone.61

Chad Malone
Sociology Graduate Student, Ph. D Level
  • Political Sociology
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...
  • Social Movements

Picture for michaelmaltz.1

Michael Maltz
Professor Emeritus, University of...
  • Crime Data

Picture for hardwoodmcclerking.1

Harwood McClerking
Assistant Professor of Political...
  • American Political Identity

Picture for cathymcdanielswilson.1

Cathy McDaniels-Wilson
Director of Counseling and Health...
(614) 236-6114
  • attention deficit disorder
  • behavioral medicine
  • incest and rape

Picture for glennmcnair.1

Glenn McNair
Associate Professor of History at...
  • African American political and...
  • Criminal Justice History
  • Slavery and Southern history

Picture for merritt.52

Deborah J Merritt
John Deaver Drinko-Baker and Hostetler...
  • Equality
  • Affirmative Action
  • Federalism

Picture for michaels.23

Alan Michaels
Dean at Moritz College of Law and...
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Sports Law
  • Criminal Law

Picture for brutus.0

Stacy Armour Mitchell
Statistical Analyst at IPSOS

Picture for montemayor.1

Ray Montemayor
Associate Professor of Psychology
  • transformation of family
  • parent-adolescent relations

Picture for moore.1408

James L. Moore, III
Inaugural Director of the Todd Anthony...

Picture for myers.1100

Lindsey Myers
Graduate Student in Sociology, Ph. D....
  • Gender, Race, & Class
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...
  • Political Sociology

Picture for nasar.1

Jack Nasar
Professor of City and Regional Planning

Picture for nelson.179

Tom Nelson
Associate Professor of Political...

Picture for brehm.84

Hollie Nyseth Brehm
Assistant Professor of Sociology
(614) 292-0851
  • sociology of law
  • comparative and international...
  • peace and conflict studies

Picture for olate.1

René Olate
Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Community Participation and...
  • Civic Engagement and Volunteerism
  • High-Risk Youth and Latino Gangs

Tracey Overbey

Tracey Overbey
Assistant Professor, OSU Libraries
(614) 688-8775
  • Library Information Science
  • Research Services in Political...

Picture for paredesorozco.1

Guillermo Paredes Orozco
Graduate Student in Sociology, M.A....

Picture for brutus.0

Anita Parker
Lecturer, Department of Human...

Picture for haroldpepinsky.1

Harold (Hal) Pepinsky
Criminal Justice-Indiana University (...

Picture for peterson.5

Ruth D. Peterson
Emerita Professor of Sociology and...
  • Criminal Justice Policies for...
  • Crime, Racial and Ethnic...

Picture for petraglia.5

Elizabeth Petraglia
Graduate student in Statistics, Ph.D....
  • Small-area estimation
  • Survey data
  • Statistical methodology

Picture for corettapettway.1

Coretta Pettway
Bureau Chief at the Ohio Department of...

Picture for japowell.355

John Powell
Haas Diversity Research Center...

Picture for price-spratlen.1

Townsand Price-Spratlen
Associate Professor of Sociology
  • Historical Community Capacity
  • Sociology of Religion

Picture for rakowski.1

Cathy Rakowski
Associate Professor in Rural Sociology...
  • processes of development and...

Picture for davidramey.1

David Ramey
Assistant Professor of Sociology and...
(814) 867-5864
  • Community & Urban
  • Health & Medical
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...

Picture for brutus.0

LaTashia Reedus
Lecturer, Franklin University

Picture for roscigno.1

Vincent Roscigno
Professor of Sociology
  • work and housing stratification
  • labor resistance
  • social movements

Picture for roth.5

Randolph Roth
Professor of History
  • Social and Cultural History
  • History of Crime and Violence
  • Quantatitive Methods

Picture for darlenespaoru.1

Darlene Saporu
Assistant Dean of Diversity, Office...

Picture for heatherschoenfeld.1

Heather Schoenfeld
Assistant Professor, Human Development...
(847) 467-2207
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Law and Society
  • Race and Inequality

Picture for shrider.14

Emily Shrider
Graduate Student in Sociology, Ph.D....

Picture for simmons.239

Ric Simmons
Professor of Law
  • Evidence
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Criminal Law

Picture for slater.59

Michael Slater
Distinguished Professor of Social and...
  • Health communication
  • Media and message effects
  • Persuasion

Picture for smooth.1

Wendy G. Smooth
Associate Professor of Women's,...

Picture for briansoller.1

Brian Soller
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Health and Medical
  • Social Networks
  • Crime and Social Control

Picture for elizabethstasny.1

Elizabeth Stasny
Professor of Statistics

Picture for steidley.1

Trent (Tate) Steidley
Assistant Professor, Department of...
(303) 871-2066
  • Political Sociology
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...
  • Social Movements

Picture for kennethsteinman.1

Kenneth Steinman
Assistant Professor of Health Behavior...
  • Religion and Health Status
  • Youth Violence in America
  • Community Health Assessment

Picture for brutus.0

Bob Stinson, Psy.D, J.D, LICDC-CS, ABPP
Chief of Behavioral Health Sciences -...
(614) 728-3732
  • Behavioral Health and Juvenile...

Picture for vitcorstrieb.1

Victor Strieb
Professor of Law at Elon University...
  • Death Penalty

Picture for jamessutton.1

James Sutton
Assistant Professor of Anthropology...
  • Criminology
  • Gender
  • Corrections

Picture for taylor.1263

Jim Taylor
Lecturer in Sociology, The Ohio State...
  • Gender and Sexuality; Gender, Race...
  • Methodology; Qualitative...
  • Crime, Deviance & Social...

Picture for thomas.1672

Mary Thomas
Associate Professor of Women’s, Gender...
  • Feminist Geography and Theory
  • Urban Social Geography

Warden Terry Tibbals

Terry Tibbals
Warden - London Correctional...
(740) 852-2454
  • Facility Security, Correctional...

Picture for mariavelez.1

María Vélez
Associate Professor of Sociology,...
  • Racial and Economic Inequality
  • Communities
  • Criminology

Picture for warren.193

Keith Warren
Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Mental Health Policy
  • Substance Abuse

Picture for heatherwashington.1

Heather Washington
Assistant Professor, SUNY Albany,...
(518) 591-8737
  • Neighborhoods, Crime, and...
  • Race and Inequality
  • Family

Picture for weinberg.27

Bruce A. Weinberg
Professor of Economics
  • Press Releases
  • Popularizations
  • Media Coverage

Picture for brutus.0

Saskia Weiss
Medical Social Worker, Former...

Picture for jasonwhitesel.1

Jason Whitesel
Assistant Professor of Gender and...
  • Stigma Management
  • Norm Violation
  • Social Construction of Deviance

Picture for wilkinson.110

Deanna Wilkinson
Associate Professor in the Department...
  • urban youth violence
  • community processes
  • violence prevention

Picture for willis.200

Natosha Willis
Graduate student, Ph.D. level, College...

Picture for jeremywilson.1

Jeremy Wilson
Associate Director for Research at...
  • Internal Security
  • Violence Prevention
  • Policing

Photo of Valerie Wright

Valerie Wright
Assistant Professor, Department of...
  • Racial and Gender Inequities in...
  • Media and Crime

Picture for yanai.7

Christopher Yanai
Program Manager
(614) 688-8685

Picture for yoder.333

Jamie Yoder
Assistant Professor of Social Work
  • Effective Intervention Strategies...
  • Strength-based Services

Picture for zheng.64

Hui Zheng
Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Methodology
  • Health & Medical
  • Population